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Movie:  Gideon’s Trumpet. Aired on April 30 1980


The movie was based on U.S Supreme Court case Gideon Vs. WainWright. The event occurred in state Florida, during night time it was noticed that a phone booth were broken, and somebody has stolen the money. When the guard asked locals, it was told that an old guy used the booth before the incident. The next day in process of investigation, a lot of coins were found with Mr.Gideon(mentioned old guy), which turned him into the prime suspect. Mr Gideon couldn’t afford a lawyer so he asked for one but it was denied and then he lost the case as jury weren’t pleased with his persuasion. He was sentenced 5 years in state prison without getting fair trial. While he was staying in prison, he started research on his rights that was ensured by The constitution and wrote a ‘writ of certiorari‘ petition to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court decided to hear his case and provided him an attorney. But under some circumstances Gideon have to go through retrial which he claimed is unconstitutional and fall under double jeopardy.However the judge denied his claim and let the retrial begin where his attorney were able to present evidence on behalf of him. The supreme court  decide unanimously Gideon is not guilty.


Hugo Black Gideon v Wainwright quote



Mr.Gideon case was very significant as its brought peoples attention on unfair trial. It was a civil case that later turned into Federal case, it’s not only brought 6th amendment up, it’s also questioned his retrial process what fall under double jeopardy that a person cannot be tried twice for same case, protected by 5th amendment. This scenario made it very clear About U.S justice system that no court has the right to go against of U.S constitution and if they do those trial will get considered as unconstitutional. Therefore if someone feels like their constitutional right was violated during trial they can appeal to the U.S Supreme Court and Court will send their response.

The way the trial went actually interest me on Jurisdiction system, it doesn’t ask you to say what you believe neither what you feel, its rather ask you to prove how your claim is real or why your claim is important. Before watching this movie I didn’t know that you can actually get denied of your constitutional right in under circumstances but it was very overwhelming to see mr. Gideon’s efforts of how he was very determined of his constitutional right. He kept himself very strong to brainstorm so that he can not only save him but will leave a landmark example on American jurisdiction history and these things really attracts people to know about their rights or inspire themself to fight for right and I believe it did accurately represent our justice system because the right protected  by our constitution. I would like to suggest it to others too so its can bring an awareness among others about their right and will inspire them to always look up on constitution if they feel they didn’t get justice.

Court Observatiion

The case I chose was people vs Lance Williams, which was fought on 19th nov,2020. The argument was based on whether defendant Mr.william’s control over gun that he used as self defense is under temporary lawful possession or not.So basically in the scenario, mr.william sees a guy named Carson outside of building, who he thought was following him.Then he went upstair and asked for safety from foe and his girlfriend, he claimed he believe Carson is in lobby waiting for him and he’s armed so foe gave his gun to defendant that helped him to go in lobby and use it if its needed. But when defendant entered in the lobby, he started shooting before even checking Carson out.The representer of defandant claimed that he has all his reason to prove that his using of gun was under temporary lawful possession because he believed he was in imminent danger,.and he can use gun as self protection. When the representer of state argued, that the moment defendant cleared that he wasn’t certain about Carson whereabouts but he just believed that he was there, defendant action will not have any lawful excuse. Therefore  he occupied somebody else’s gun and used it for blank shooting in a danger manner considered as illegal action.


According to me, Mr.william can’t use somebody else gun under this situation because he wasn’t in danger, it was more like he believed he is in danger. From feeling the imminent danger to shooting people in lobby was just based on his assumption that Carson will hurt him. When he himself said in testimony that he didn’t know where was Carson. He can use gun as self defense only if the person really in-front of him and made him a target. However beside the case swiping mode,The only Thing I found interesting is in argument is actually about the conversation process, it was very specific in certain clips that judge wanted yes or no for some question but the lawyer just can’t pick up one so he added another case to cover him up, which I found very intelligent. From the start it was very clear that defendant representer mr.briggs were very determined on proving his client’s innocence but then the state did a turning point with its rebuttal and it actually persuaded how defendant action from the start wasn’t right itself and then after shooting incident occured, how he tried to have potential confrontation by throwing away the main evidence.Even though the defendant side tried to explain it wasn’t anything like that but still it wasn’t enough persuasive.

The law office

I was determined to be an lawyer when I was in my middle of tenth grade. So I knew on what category I have my interest on.I wants to work with Addabbo and Greenberg located on Pickman Building118-21 Queens Blvd Suite 306, Queens, NY 11375. They work with felony,arrested or investigated for misdeneor,personal injury, DWI, real estate on those cases.I wants to have an experience on those that category that will help me to determine the truth or wrong of a case also ill be able to analyze people behavior with their side of story.



Mother tongue by Amy Tan


In the essay we can see how Amy Tan and her mother was emotionally and mentally affected by the fact of standard English. When theres no such thing as standard or broken English, people are the one who define a person’s Imperfect English using those terms. Basically with the English we use grammar, punctuation, tense in order to make our words more understable but we can see Amy’s mother would skip that part most of the time will make it harder to understand for people when  Amy made it sound like they purposely don’t try to understand or they ignore which might be not true. Because when they don’t understand what you are speaking they wouldn’t make you talk constantly rather than that they would just ignore the entire phrase.Also we have seen Amy were adapting her mother language as well as she said, ”not waste Money that way” which is fine if she wants to make her mom understand but isn’t actually okay if she’s using it regularly as its against the law of English language. But does it mean her mom need to fix or she need to abandon that language? I would say her mom need to improve her English not fix and Amy can help her  with that also mother tongue are not for abandon;are for respect, that’s the language that made every other language easy.

who I am!


Life is a beautiful gift by god. But its also a gift where we gets the chance to become what we want.I always wanted to be something, something that impact society differently, that may be common but leave a significant importance. Then I got my first law class in high school and I liked it. Its driven me so crazy that it made me go for law major in college. I know, a lot of people wants to be lawyer but I wants to become an judge. I wants to be one of the justice pillar for nation for our new generation.Beside that I love to read and listen music. I like novels that has fiction and romance also different type of music like Kpop ,arabic music,bengali,urdu,hindi,english and Turkish music. I like rap songs too. so you can see I’m very music person. And about life style, I don’t follow it that much. I don’t care about society neither get worried about getting judge by others but I do get scared of wild animals and imaginary ghost. So,thats it, I’m very basic ,so doesn’t have anything very particular.