One thought on “P2&3 – Carmen”

  1. Hi Carmen,

    I once bought my friend a Instax Mini Camera as a Christmas gift and I almost broke it trying to put the film inside. Based on that, I don’t know much about this other than the fact that it is like a Polaroid. Which is why I like your topic! It kind of makes me want to buy my own camera!

    I love the playful font that you used for the headers and subheaders as well as how you laid out both the timeline and the diagram. I think it is really simple yet effective! There is a lot of information but that’s alright because something like this is something that is always bought but never explained. I also love your color choices – it works with your images.

    My only comment would be that I wish there was more white space in the top part. It seems very top heavy with all of that information compared to the timeline which has a lot more space and less information. But other than that this is an effective and amazing infographic! I love it.

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