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To make use of the glass and try different variation on the glass is half full and use different bright lighting set ups that imply that there is something better coming or a better future. So bright white lighting behind the glass or maybe a yellow lighting that has reflections on the glass. Something that reflects back to the article that focuses on a positive attitude or outlook. Maybe trying a close up shot from above into the glass having some symmetry in the composition.


The article of “The Botany of Desire” talks about how Monsanto is trying to control the production of these potatoes by claiming the rights to not let any farmers to reproduce the sprouts of the potatoes. Genetic engineering has allowed farmers to use an alternative method of organic products that no longer need the harsh chemicals to be able to produce these goods. So now all the negative effects that would normally be included into the food the populations consumes is taken out of the equation.

Beats vs Bose

The Beats campaign use exclusive famous black athletic men in their ads. The audience that they are targeting is also black people in general. The photo used of all the athletes all profile view to show their ears and the headphones and the very recognizable logo on the headphones. The slogan “Hear What You Want” is focusing on how it it allows you to only to focus on the music itself and ignoring their surroundings. The use of the cropped portraits shows how it allows the user to block out everything but the music because the background is being ignored completely. The style of the photos are all focusing more on the fashion use of the headphones.

The Bose campaign have very similar ads where they are conveying their noise cancelation. The images represent the very familiar representation of the volume going down. The target audience is middled aged people that are more effected by annoying sounds. The use of different things such as the construction workers, dogs and children show the many things that people can relate to having a distraction while using headphones. The style of the photos use all diffused lighting on the darker side to give it a quieter feeling to enforce their slogan of noise cancelation. The composition of the photos make all of them very relatable and easier to recognize even though the location and people change throughout all of them.

Yelp vs Foursquare

The tone of the Yelp campaign is dark and more comical but also more personal because its showing people in different scenarios that they can relate too. This is geared towards people around 18-30 rage range people that deeply engrossed in technology.  The style of the campaign draws attention to the exaggeration of the situation like bad dinning experience. The ridiculousness of the commercials also leaves a memorable impression about the app.

The Foursquare campaign has a much brighter environment while using a comparison method all in one shot. The style of the images show the interests of the people in the photo and press the fact that foursquare will give up results to places you from your likes and preferences. In both of these ads they both include phones trying to get people to relate back to the application.

Campaign Analysis 2

The Schick ad has a half length three quarter view portrait. The Schick ad has broad lighting with little contrast. The ad has this man’s beard that has a animal in place of it and its trying to convey that men’s beards can get out of control and need to shaved. Schick is trying to get men to buy their razors to keep their beards under control. The tone of the photograph is more muted with the colors being really similar. They do this so that the animal in the beard is more camouflaged and makes the viewer really look to see that is not just a plain full beard but a animal instead.

The Gillette ad has a three quarter view portrait that is bust length.  Their ad is trying to convey that using Gillette will help protect those with sensitive skin and they use a NFL player to enforce the idea of protection because in football defense is essential. The overall tone of the ad is very dynamic and is using colors that are included in the razor to help make a cohesive image. The facial expression of the player also helps convey defense because he has a very intense facial expression.

Campaign Analysis

For the Raymond Weil’s ad the photo is taken form a mostly profile view of the dancers. The lighting seems to be coming form the upper left hand corner. The composition of the photo has the dancers in the center and having a connection through the bodies even though they are not touching each other. The photo flows from left to right and creating this dynamic movement that makes the eye follow the dancers. The Pantone ad has a similar light with the dancer in the foreground that has the same light on her. The flow of the photo form left to right is also done here with this ad and its is enforced but the photo being a landscape and a panoramic style. The composition of the imagine is very dynamic with having dancers in the background, middle and foreground which the Raymond Weil ad also contains with the same idea having a layers effected the the dancers but in a more condensed space. The differences in these ads is that in Raymond Weil’s it  combines the image with the words “precision movements’ to create envisis of the dancers movements and how they are being very exact on what they do with their bodies. They also choice to have a black and white photo while their products in color which compared to Pantone’s ad that is very vibrant with multiple colors to help express the movement of the dancers. There are also many different textured included in the ad that are made with lighting effects that are used to add another layer to the dancers.