Beats vs Bose

The Beats campaign use exclusive famous black athletic men in their ads. The audience that they are targeting is also black people in general. The photo used of all the athletes all profile view to show their ears and the headphones and the very recognizable logo on the headphones. The slogan “Hear What You Want” is focusing on how it it allows you to only to focus on the music itself and ignoring their surroundings. The use of the cropped portraits shows how it allows the user to block out everything but the music because the background is being ignored completely. The style of the photos are all focusing more on the fashion use of the headphones.

The Bose campaign have very similar ads where they are conveying their noise cancelation. The images represent the very familiar representation of the volume going down. The target audience is middled aged people that are more effected by annoying sounds. The use of different things such as the construction workers, dogs and children show the many things that people can relate to having a distraction while using headphones. The style of the photos use all diffused lighting on the darker side to give it a quieter feeling to enforce their slogan of noise cancelation. The composition of the photos make all of them very relatable and easier to recognize even though the location and people change throughout all of them.

One thought on “Beats vs Bose

  1. rmichals

    I think you are right when you say that the tight cropping of the Beats ads supports the message of “hear what you want.” The background just isn’t there. There is no distraction. The Bose ads conversely are all background.


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