Campaign Analysis

For the Raymond Weil’s ad the photo is taken form a mostly profile view of the dancers. The lighting seems to be coming form the upper left hand corner. The composition of the photo has the dancers in the center and having a connection through the bodies even though they are not touching each other. The photo flows from left to right and creating this dynamic movement that makes the eye follow the dancers. The Pantone ad has a similar light with the dancer in the foreground that has the same light on her. The flow of the photo form left to right is also done here with this ad and its is enforced but the photo being a landscape and a panoramic style. The composition of the imagine is very dynamic with having dancers in the background, middle and foreground which the Raymond Weil ad also contains with the same idea having a layers effected the the dancers but in a more condensed space. The differences in these ads is that in Raymond Weil’s it  combines the image with the words “precision movements’ to create envisis of the dancers movements and how they are being very exact on what they do with their bodies. They also choice to have a black and white photo while their products in color which compared to Pantone’s ad that is very vibrant with multiple colors to help express the movement of the dancers. There are also many different textured included in the ad that are made with lighting effects that are used to add another layer to the dancers.

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