Dance Photography in Advertising (Darius Richards)

Both images shows a horizontal frame that shows all the people in the image making movement. One image uses black and white and the other image uses color. In the black and white image they are wearing black tights. In the colored image they are using white tights. In the black and white image they are wearing black outfits because they are using a plan background and adds contrast to the photo. The colored image wears white outfits because it’s easy for colors and light to bounce off of it. In the black and white photo the people are making clock hand movements with there hands and feet, and making a shape of a clock. The colored image is playing with shapes and using objets and body to make geometric shapes. The black and white image background is flat. The colored background image is in shape of a square. Both images are using fast shutter , and is capturing the people in the scene in the air.  The black and white scene shows a high contrast to the image which gives the people a stronger highlight on there skin. Which makes the people look more exposed. The color scene shows a low contrast, which gives in the image which makes the highlights on the people lower. But sense there is a use of multiple colors in the scene they are manipulating the light  from the camera. Which causes them to look more exposed in the scene. Both scenes are using freeze motion and are capturing movement. They are positioning there bodies in shape of clock hands


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