Campaign Analysis 2

The Schick ad has a half length three quarter view portrait. The Schick ad has broad lighting with little contrast. The ad has this man’s beard that has a animal in place of it and its trying to convey that men’s beards can get out of control and need to shaved. Schick is trying to get men to buy their razors to keep their beards under control. The tone of the photograph is more muted with the colors being really similar. They do this so that the animal in the beard is more camouflaged and makes the viewer really look to see that is not just a plain full beard but a animal instead.

The Gillette ad has a three quarter view portrait that is bust length.  Their ad is trying to convey that using Gillette will help protect those with sensitive skin and they use a NFL player to enforce the idea of protection because in football defense is essential. The overall tone of the ad is very dynamic and is using colors that are included in the razor to help make a cohesive image. The facial expression of the player also helps convey defense because he has a very intense facial expression.

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