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jovany_half empty

Reading the optimistic article. I think my idea to show optimism will be surrounding a tall glass filled with liquid halfway in the center of the frame with multiple empty glasses laid down horizontal. This will give the idea that you should feel optimistic of what is to come. But i don’t know. I probably won’t do this idea lol.

Botany of Desire_GrandeJ

Genetic Engineering has met nature. Discontinuing the use of artificial components, Monsanto claims to use a different alternative to growing crops. The article, “The Botany of Desire”, explains that people have come to the conclusion that we cannot continue the way we do things when it comes to agriculture. Basically the point of the article is that we will be using genetic engineering to produce our patatoes because of all the negative side effects our current methods are having on our health and environment.

beats and bose campaign

Both Beats by Dre and Bose came out with a campaign, that reflects a bit of their own identity. Judging the Beats campaign, they seem like they are going for more of a flashy, attentive approach. High contrast and more focus in specific spots of each frame. Bose on the other hand has a more neautral, flat and desaturated visuals. Probably hooking to a more suburban community rather than hip hop fanatics like Beats would be doing. Bose has a more a conceptual campaign while Beats is more of a in your face type of campaign probably because it is more than a fashion statement rather than just headphones.

grandeJ_yelp/foursquare analysis

Foursquare and yelp both released great advertising campaigns. I think yelp targeted people that are a bit older and people who are probably more put together in their life, maybe someone that might have a settled life. With an exagerated and humorous approach they add playfulness into the mix. People with more experience in life might a similar experience that drives a more dramatic connection. In camparison, Foursquare, is targeting a audience that wants to explore more in their life, making the copy subtle yet relatable to a younger audience, with general likes, hobbies, food etc..

GrandeJ_shaving ad analysis

The Schick ad’s tagline is free your skin. I feel as though they used an animal on a mans face to symbolize the ruggedness a man’s facial hair can get and used the word “free” to emphasize. It was also an amazing idea to go in a different approach and execution. Their razor is being portrayed to be the one to use when facial hair can be tough and wild.

In the second ad, the Gillete fusion execution, they go in a different approach. Showing a tough looking man, a football player looking right in to the camera which is suppose to give an impactful image and displaying the words sensitive skin gives off a humorous feel. The fusion razor is suppose to relate to the football player with great defensive properties built into the razor.

GrandeJ_Dance Photography in advertising

Comparing the two ads with one another. There are drastic differences between the two. The watch ad has more of a structure and solid approach to emphasize the way a clock and its gears work. It also uses rich basic black and white to further bring out exactness. The way the dancers are positioned in a way that mimics the hands of the watch too. As opposed to the clock ad, Pantone which has presented with an abstract approach which emphasizes the creative side of Pantone. The use of saturated color and lights and darks, different shapes, Pantone just gives off a creative geometric chaotic feel to the images.