beats and bose campaign

Both Beats by Dre and Bose came out with a campaign, that reflects a bit of their own identity. Judging the Beats campaign, they seem like they are going for more of a flashy, attentive approach. High contrast and more focus in specific spots of each frame. Bose on the other hand has a more neautral, flat and desaturated visuals. Probably hooking to a more suburban community rather than hip hop fanatics like Beats would be doing. Bose has a more a conceptual campaign while Beats is more of a in your face type of campaign probably because it is more than a fashion statement rather than just headphones.

One thought on “beats and bose campaign

  1. rmichals

    Exactly-Beats are a fashion statement. Celebrities and bold photography support this. Bose are aimed at soothing the owner, protecting them from the worlds annoyances. The centered, low contrast images support this.


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