GrandeJ_shaving ad analysis

The Schick ad’s tagline is free your skin. I feel as though they used an animal on a mans face to symbolize the ruggedness a man’s facial hair can get and used the word “free” to emphasize. It was also an amazing idea to go in a different approach and execution. Their razor is being portrayed to be the one to use when facial hair can be tough and wild.

In the second ad, the Gillete fusion execution, they go in a different approach. Showing a tough looking man, a football player looking right in to the camera which is suppose to give an impactful image and displaying the words sensitive skin gives off a humorous feel. The fusion razor is suppose to relate to the football player with great defensive properties built into the razor.

One thought on “GrandeJ_shaving ad analysis

  1. rmichals

    I think your association of the wild animal to the feeling of a beard being wild and uncontrollable is a good one. In the photo, the beard is neat and tidy and the audience can assume that is because of Schick.


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