Campaign Analysis 3 – Foursquare and Yelp

The tone and audience vary for both Foursquare and Yelp. Yelp is known for their review feature; their users are invested and want to be heard while Foursquare’s social media platform allows you to check-in on location, post statuses and connect with friends. However, both apps do allow you to find attractions and leave reviews.

They’re form of advertising also differs. The Foursquare ads portray two individuals – in some cases they look like total opposites and in others, not so much – who have very different personalities. Whether or not you may be dressed totally different from someone else, the point is that we’re all different and have specific, individual tastes that. In the Yelp commercials, we see scenario after scenario where people come across a certain circumstance where they need a specific service to help them with their situation. Overall, I’d say the largest difference in the style of photography with the ads is the lighting. The Foursquare ads are very well lit while the Yelp commercial has a lot more darkness in it because a lot of the commercial is during the night time or in a darkly lit area, like a restaurant. Something else I noticed was the difference in eye contact between both the ads. The models in the Foursquare ads are not looking at the camera and are preoccupied with something else. In the Yelp commercial however, each individual is speaking to us and engaging us with their situations.

One thought on “Campaign Analysis 3 – Foursquare and Yelp

  1. rmichals

    I think your comment at the end that the models in the foursquare ad are engaged with each other while in the Yelp ad, there is a narrator who speaks directly to us is a good one. It is more compelling to be addressed directly.


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