Julia sent

Julia sent has a master’s degree in physics but she is well known as a still life photographer. She studied portrait photography with Joyce Tenneson and still life photography with Anna Tomczak but most of the skills she has are self-taught. Julia’s still life photography mostly consists of fruits, flower, and vegetables. Her style has distinct look to it. First thing is the dark background and she uses vibrant colors. It makes the subject pop out of the background. It’s fairly tight cropped but no part of the subject is cropped of the picture. The lighting is soft. It makes the exposure well balanced. It’s not too bright and not to dark either. Looking at few of her pieces it looks like the light is coming through the left-hand side and coming towards the right-hand side. It’s not lighting the background. This way the texture of the foreground is more visible and it creates a sort of 3d space. I love the style and the style is consistent throughout every piece.  

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