Chris Brooks: Still Life Photography

Chris Brooks is a photographer who has shot still life and portraiture. He shot for a Jo Malone campaign, promoting a new line of fragrances. Brooks does an excellent job at capturing the unique features of each scent. He composes his shoot based on the ingredients that are used for each fragrance.

Brooks wants to bring attention to the ingredients that are in each scent, so he uses the actual ingredient in his photo shoot. Brooks also considers the color palette that he should use for each fragrance. There is a fragrance that specifically has ginger and nutmeg in it. Since that ginger and nutmeg are both similar colors, he decides to composite a warm/earth tone color palette to shoot this fragrance in the best possible way. He decides to shoot this bottle against a white background. The way he arranges the ginger behind the bottle, it allows for light to come through certain holes in between the ginger. It seems like there are two lights in use here. There is one main light that seems to be 45 degrees and a fill to bring out the ginger and nutmeg in the foreground and background.

Brooks also composed a shot for another one of Jo Malone’s fragrances. This fragrance has pomegranate in it. So he included pomegranates, some are whole; some are cut open. The photo is different from the ginger fragrance because of the color palette. This one is more dark and red. It is shot against a black background and also seems to use two lights. There is the main light off to the side and fill light to bring out anything that may get lost within the dark background.

Chris Brooks was very successful in capturing these fragrances. He personalized the shoot to each type of fragrance and included what was necessary to define the characteristics of each fragrance. The lighting successfully brought out elegant highlights on each bottle and ingredient that was shot.

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