Richard Foster

Richard Foster’s is a photographer who has shot for clients such as Tom Ford, Bottega, Stella McCartney, and Prada. He shot for different fragrances¬†under these famous brands. These brands are all known to be luxurious and upscale. So it was no surprise that their products be depicted as such. Foster was very successful at making the fragrances look sophisticated and luxurious. All the photos were elegant but in different ways. He was able to use the unique features of each fragrance bottle to capture a good photo.

Foster used color very well. He accentuated the vibrant pink color of the Prada bottle by adding the same striking color in the background and foreground. It looks like he may have used two lights to create the streaks of pink against a black background. He also placed the products to the left of the frame, making it a more interesting composition. I find his shoot for Bottega the most interesting because of the way he used light to create patterns around the product. This required many lights in different positions with no diffusion to create such patterns. The sharp shadows define the pattern even more and the placement of the product allows the full pattern to be shown in the frame.

His photos for Tom Ford also used sharp shadows. One shows sharp, angular shadows. There is a high contrast in the colors in both photos. The shadow that is cast by the blue bottle falls off to the side and is very angular. Foster used the reflection of the red bottle to show its elegance. His photo for Stella McCartney is stunning! He used the shape and color of the bottle to cast a very dynamic and pretty shadow. The pink and blue colors and cast in the shadow of the bottle. You can also see the cut of the bottle, similar to the cut of a diamond. This is a clever way to give off a luxurious feel.

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  1. rmichals

    Foster’s use of shadows to create geometries around the bottles is astounding. The Stella McCartney image is interesting as there is no label. It makes me think he probably shoots the bottles without the labels in general and then put them on in post.


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