Tim Wallace

Tim Wallace is an award-winning commercial photographer based in Manchester England. Tim is a transport or vehicle photographer and during his career he has worked for very popular and luxurious brands like Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes, Aston etc. His style is very dramatic with lighting, camera angles, the space and all of it works well together to enhance the beauty of the vehicle. Watching his video, I learned how to he works with one light at a time so he has more control and only when all the lights are how he wants, then he takes the shot. There is definitely lots of contrast which I think makes the image look dramatic. The highlights pop out and the shadow is darkened. The space itself is really beautiful and thought out. The space and the vehicle come together and work as one. The camera angle is very dynamic as well. With every piece it’s a different approach and I think that why you don’t get tired looking through his work. Every piece is different and exciting.  

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