Tim Wallace – Commercial Photographer

Tim Wallace is a photographer specialized in Commercial and Advertising photography of vehicles, aviation, and transportation media in a wide gamut. He has shoot for the most iconic brands through his career and is well recognized as a prominent figure on its line of work. He also has many photography awards among them Hasselblad not surprisingly as one his main tools to capture great detail in medium format.

The cars shot on studio have a dramatic and luxurious mood. The lightning is delicately place to remark volume and shape it’s almost as it were shooting the sensual curves of a woman’s body. It has that romantic low light lighting from a hotel lobby. The reflections on the windows are perfectly smooth and on the right brightness almost as they were drawn. In a nutshell every piece of detail in the car is brought up in the most subtle way that its pleasant to analyze without any harsh lights that can distract you in the process. The cars shot in location have a little bit more of a realistic approach. You can see the dirt or dust on the cars, this tells you they are not a toy and they are fast machines. The environment of some are a race track adding to the sense of speed. The skies are full of clouds and the weather is just right. The dramatic look accentuated in post production with clarity it’s just one more touch of its amazing work.

Some trucks are shoot on location to convey the sense of on the go. The the trucks are freeze on the spot while the pavement seems to have a motion blur to create the sense of speed. This could be done with a slow shutter speed and panning the camera along the truck when passing by. Or could also be done simply in post production. Either or  I think the message that conveys of power and speed are appropriate for the heavy machine. He also has some trucks shot on studio with a much more controlled light and with that neat and clean look that makes you wanna buy it just for collection and not make a scratch on it.

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  1. rmichals

    Remember in the video when he said that the photos are about emotion? Why would someone spend money on an expensive car? I think it is largely an ego thing. To present yourself in a certain way. it is not about getting from here to there as a Toyota will do that. So I would argue none of the photos take a realistic approach. It is simply different idealized versions of masculinity at play. One is sensuous and romantic the other rough and tough.

    And my guess would be as to motion effects in the truck photos are done in post. You can by panning make the truck sharp and all of the background in motion. In these photos however, the truck is sharp and so are the mountains in the background. it is just the road and the side of the road that are blurry.


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