Richard Foster’s Fragrance Campaigns

Richard Foster is a luxury still life photographer. He has worked with companies such as Tom Ford, Bottega, Stella McCartney, Prada and much more. His work is very elegant and minimalistic. Looking at his fragrance campaigns, each one of them is very dynamic and accentuate the shape and color of the bottle. For the Tom Ford campaign, there are two different fragrances. The first is a blue bottle in a rectangle bottle shape. The use of the diagonals on the background and platform compliment the diagonal made from the reflection of the bottle. As opposed to this one which is more rigid and sharp, the other Tom Ford fragrance (Jasmin Rouge) is more fluid and smooth. The bottle is red and shaped like a cylinder which means it has a smooth edge. He uses depth by bringing forth the main subject while semi-silhouetting the other bottle in the background.

For the Bottega Veneta campaign, he uses shadows and symmetry to form bug-like ‘wings’. The wings are pretty amazing because of the different layers in transparency that bring it to life. The wings look like they’re attached to the bottle, and angled in a way that makes it seem like the bottle is flying up. The beige color background compliments the small frosted clear bottle. The Stella McCartney campaign is shot at an angle above showing how the bottle is reflected in the light. Having a white background and platform allows the colors of the bottle to shine through. Also, because of the way the bottle is shaped, light is reflected in different angles. Lastly, the Prada campaign is shot using a rule of thirds. Using a dark/black background with this pink spotlight effect is interesting. The first spotlight is pointed towards the three products and the second is angled above pointing down. Using the pink spotlights was a nice touch because the packaging is pink and the fragrance bottles are orange. At the bottom of the bottle, you can see reflects of the pink light. He not only captures the beauty of each individual product/object through lighting but also through a product’s packaging as well.

Richard Foster is a highly sought after still life photographer because he truly brings out the beauty from each object. He takes the time to study his objects and explores how light shapes all the different aspects.

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