Julia Sent – Still Life

The work of Julia Sent seem to be a recollection of memories in space and time through objects or belongings. Her still’s feature an object with a story of sentimental value. A story she wants to show through her compositions and style. She also aids the composition with other props like fruits for a bawl, flowers for a base, or simply something completely unusual like crab legs on a cup. Her compositions are neatly arranged with just a few objects, yet the appear very organic and give you the sudden feeling they were just laying there and she caught them in their appropriate moment.

The lightning seems to be Rembrandt style coming from above at a 45 degree very similar to a soft window light. At first instance I thought they were lit with some kind of softbox, but looking closer to the details it seems this are completely lit with ambient light. My guess comes from the fact that in one of the pictures with glass you can seen a window in the reflections. For another instance I notice the photos carry a thick noise this could be because she is using a high ISO.

For some of the photos there’s a very marked horizon line and for others the horizon is gradually faded, merging the light foreground to the dark. The darkness of the background creates a smooth contrast with the colors of the subject’s in front. Accentuating the vibrance of colors without that saturated look. The result is a very emotional and antique mood, with an elegant profile.

This lightning style reminds me of the chiaroscuro technique from the Baroque movement from painters like Caravaggio, Rembrandt and such. I can say this is one of my favorite lightnings color contrast and moods.

1 thought on “Julia Sent – Still Life

  1. rmichals

    I agree that the lighting style evokes old master paintings and is just so beautiful.

    Generally for still life photograph we don’t have names for the lighting style. I think her lighting style is characterized by a big soft light between 45 degrees and 90 degrees from the camera. I doubt it is window light as window light falls off very quickly. I also doubt that she uses a high ISO. since its still life she can use a tripod and a long exposure.


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