Seth Hematch

Seth Hematch is a shoe fanatic and photographer.  He focuses primarily on the collection and capturing of vintage nike sneakers.  He is untrained and has gained most of his skill through personal experience. He never considered photography as a viable career and therefore did not feel as if he need to be professionally taught.


His photographs are full of color and vibrancy as he manages to photograph the oddly colored vintage nike sneakers.  He successfully models his subjects with clothing according to color and style of the shoot. He also is very careful about choosing an environment to shoot and how that affects the experience and subject matter.  Through each shoe Hematch brings you to a new place and a new experience all on foot. That is what seems to be communicated through his well coordinated imagery.


The emphasis is on environment which I think is grave importance in shoe photography.  The shoes take you places and Hematch really brings you to locations of all sorts. Airmaxes on a mountain top and adidas runners in a swampy setting, Hematch follows his footsteps to many different and interesting environments.


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  1. rmichals

    When I look at Seth Hematch’s work what characterizes it is shallow depth of field and a coordinated palette that emphasizes the colors of the shoes. This is true for his studio work as well as his on location work. See the photo at the top of Hypebeast. The shot uses white plexi to get a reflection and an arrangement of the boxes in the background.


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