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Final Project – Mahreen Munawar

For my final project, I will be focusing on street fashion photography in NYC. This topic interests me because New York is a true home to fashion and with springtime and summer right around the corner people are ready to express themselves through a lot of bold colors in there outfits which I think will be very interesting and fun to capture.

I’m quite interested in fashion and after graduating I want to work in the creative field as well so I think this project will bring my skills and how I view fashion forward and highlight my ability to capture what I like which will shine in my portfolio.

I want the overall mood of the project to be very uplifting and colorful since I do plan on portraying springtime through the pictures. The lighting I will be using is just daylight.

Link to my mood board:

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  1. rmichals

    Good topic. use shallow depth of field to separate the subject from the background. And watch carefully what is in the background as it can really ruin and otherwise interesting shot.

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