Professor Michals

Final Project Statement – Guen Fung

Topic: What is it about? What genre of photography interests you and would you like to explore: street photography, food photography, portrait photography

What purpose will it serve in your portfolio? Do you want to highlight your

conceptual thinking, your design sense, your lighting skills

I am interested in street photography, but I want to explore it in the area that I am familiar with since I was young, and this would be Chinatown in Manhattan. How this can serve in my portfolio is getting a feel of photography in my motion graphics. This helps me to highlight my conceptual thinking skills of when to put in a footage or not and how to edit it to look good / feels right in After Effects or Premiere Pro.

Subject Matter: Literally what will you shoot?

Street photography, stores such as a fish market.

Style: What will it look like? How will you use photographic style to communicate

emotion and point of view? Find at least one example and include at least one

image with your description.

I want the mood to be uplifting, so the point of view should be open minded and showing community. The photo below shows how it is home as Chinatown for many people, it has both English and Chinese signs which brings it to life.

Chinatown, Manhattan Bridge and Lower East Side Tour | Shoot New York City

Lighting: how will you light your project? This may be daylight.

I would be using daylight for my photography.

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  1. rmichals

    The term Street photography refers to photographing people in public and their surroundings. It is candid meaning people do not pose.

    Look at some examples of what you want to do and create a mood board.

    Try looking at:

    Corky Lee

    And if you can get this to load: Annie Ling 81 Bowery

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