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Angle of View

Photograph 1
Photograph 2

I chose these two photos as my best two. Photo 1 is an example of both a high angle and a close-up view, while photo 2 is an example of a close-up and eye-level view. I enjoyed taking pictures of this subject, and due to the size of the flower, I was able to move around it freely when trying to capture different angles.

My Best Pair

Out of today’s lab, my favorite pair of photos that I took today would be my Worm eyes view and my low angle shots. Both of my images were difficult to pull of due to both having to be done in the middle of the street, but fortunately enough, they came out great. My first image would be one of my low angle shots of a restaurant building down by the boardwalk. For me to pull of this shot, I wanted to incorporate both the sign of the restaurant and the building. I wanted to show the viewer that the photograph I took can be achieved in many different ways and depending on the framing, can achieve different moods. To achieve the image, I needed to lay down flat on the street while aiming my camera up at the side of the building ensuring that I captured both the side of the restaurant and its sign.

For my second image, I achieved a Worm Eyes view in which I used the other side of the same building from my first image and an office building across the street. To achieve the Worm eye effect, I needed to make sure that both buildings seemingly connected overhead to make it seem that they were hovering over me. This was really fun to pull off, no matter how many photos I tried to take of it to achieve a perfect shot. There was a mood I was trying to achieve and that would be both soothing and tranquil. However, viewers can also perceive my photos as something different achieving different moods.

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