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Global Corrections


This image was a little dark and overexposed. I lowered the highlights to 0 to help lessen the overexposure and increased the blacks to about 53 to lighten up the image in general. I increased the shadows to about 28, along with clarity at 23 to define the outline of the panda, to separate it from the background.

Nathalie Quito

I love Nathalie’s use of the rule of thirds and how she captures diagonals in this image. The diagonals are seen in the wave as well as the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.
I think this image displays a beautiful use of shallow depth of field.
This is a great example of perspective through the use of converging lines.
I love how this image captures the shadow on the basketball court. The shadow diagonal conveys a sense of symmetry along with a sense of movement.

Angle of View

Photograph 1
Photograph 2

I chose these two photos as my best two. Photo 1 is an example of both a high angle and a close-up view, while photo 2 is an example of a close-up and eye-level view. I enjoyed taking pictures of this subject, and due to the size of the flower, I was able to move around it freely when trying to capture different angles.

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