The only way to improve your photography is to take pictures. This grading formula rewards taking pictures consistently over the semester with the aim of making you a better photographer. There are in-class lab exercises and homework assignments every week. If you complete these conscientiously and on time, you will get full credit. Midterm and Final projects will be graded for quality and creativity with a rubric.  

Grades are based on a point system:

  • Homework36 pts – 9 weekly assignments at 4 pts each
  • Projects: 30 pts – Midterm – 10 pts – and Final Projects – 20 pts
  • In-class Lab exercises: 26 pts – 13 weeks at 2 pts each
  • Quizzes: 8 pts – 2 quizzes at 4 pts each


Homework will be assigned each week of the semester and be due the following Tuesday at 2:30pm. Each assignment is worth 4 points. To get full credit, you must:

  • Turn in the full number of requested images to Flickr by uploading it and organizing it in an album with the assignment name.

Late assignments will lose 1 pt for each week that they are late.


Use Flickr to hand in photos taken for homework and projects.

All photos taken for credit in the class must be taken by YOU and taken in response to the assignment. No photos will be accepted that were taken before the assignment was given.

No photos will be accepted for assignments without metadata and a date taken.

If you shoot a photo with a cameraphone and use Lightroom to convert it to JPG, the metadata in Flickr looks like this:

If you shoot a photo with a camera and use Lightroom to convert it to JPG, the metadata in Flickr looks like this:

When you set up your Flickr account under settings>Privacy & Permissons make sure to select NO for “hide your Exif data” and under Defaults for new uploads make sure to select that anyone can comment on your photos. If you don’t select this, I cannot leave comments on your work.

Written Assignments

Written assignments will be submitted to OpenLab.

Lab Exercises

Each class will have several lab exercises to be completed during the class. If you cannot attend the class, you are still responsible for completing the lab exercises.

Use OpenLab to hand in photos taken for in-class lab assignments and a written explanation of your response to the exercise. If the assignment requires you to take a quantity of photos, hand those in via Flickr and use OpenLab for your best photos and the text.


The midterm and final projects will take place over several weeks with components due each week. They will be graded according to the project rubric which rewards creative and varied use of composition and good technique.



There will be two quizzes this semester.

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