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Final Project

The goal of the Final Project is to create a series of 10 related images on a theme.

You may choose to do either:

A series of portraits OR

A portrait of a neighborhood

OR working outside during the day a series on Mirrors (reflections) and Windows.

First decide which assignment(s) you most enjoyed. Then consider: do you have people to work with? What is your schedule like and what is practical?

Deliverables and dates:

Due Week 13, November 30: Shoot 1 – minimum of 30 images in an album on Flickr

Due Week 14, December 7: Shoot 2 – minimum of 30 images in an album on Flickr

Due Week 15, December 14: Shoot 3 -minimum of 30 images in an album on Flickr PLUS

  • final 10 images selected, adjusted in Lightroom, and posted to an album on Flickr
  • a presentation to the class of the final images.


Ilda Medel- A Neighborhood Portrait

IMG_0127 (1)

Jing Wang – A Neighborhood portrait

Example Projects:

Jennifer Humala – Portraits

Inspiration for Mirrors and Windows:

HW 9: Window Light Portraits

Due Nov 23. 4 pts.

Create a series of 30 portraits of at least 3 different subjects using window light or outdoor diffused light.

For each subject, shoot some in front view, some in three quarter view and some in profile.

Try the 5 lighting styles: front light, Rembrandt light, split light for front view poses, and broad light and short light for three-quarter poses. When you are working with a window, you can’t move the light source so you and the subject must move.

You should be near or next to a window during the day. 

The window can be in the photo or you can just use the light from the window.

Pay attention what is in the frame and make sure the background adds to the photo and is not distracting.

Your photos should use light and expression to be expressive. No props. If you have curtains or venetian blinds, you may use them as elements in the photos.

Experiment with different expressions and gestures and different framing (how much of your subject is in the frame.)

Upload the 30 photos to OpenLab and put them in an album. Send your best 3 – the best of each subject- to the class group.

Examples from last semester

HW 8: Childhood

4 pts. Due Nov 16. Photographing one stuffed animal or doll, create 15 images that communicate the idea of a happy childhood and 15 images that convey the idea of a difficult or traumatic childhood.

Pick one stuffed animal or doll. Do not use any elaborate figurines or a toy that is shiny and reflective.

Photograph it with a range of locations, using the light -both direction and quality, and composition to create images that convey the idea of a happy childhood and a traumatic childhood.

Do not use props. Convey the message with the light and the composition and your choice of location.

Work where there is adequate light. That means outside during the day or by a window during the day. Shoot some each with front, side, and back light. Try some in direct light and some in diffused light. Try to create the greatest range of emotion from really happy to miserably sad.

HW 7: Lighting Direction

Due Nov 9. 4 pts.

Working outside on a sunny day, photograph subjects and their shadows. Your subjects could be anything: a person, a tree, a dog, a bridge. What counts is the light falling on it.

Think of the sun as your main light and move so that it is a front light, a side light and a back light.

Take 10 photos where the shadow falls away from the camera otherwise known as front light.

Take 10 photos where the shadow falls to the side otherwise known as side light.

Take 10 photographs where the shadow falls towards you otherwise known as back light.

Each photo should be unique.

Post to an album on Flickr and send the best examples of each type of light to the class group.

Due: November 9th, 2:30 pm

HW 6: Reflections

Due November 2, 2:30 pm. 4 pts. 

Reflection – 1. the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it.

Working outside during the day, photograph reflections to create strong compositions that include a combination of elements that are seen directly and by reflection. Reflections can be found in water, windows, and cars among other surfaces. Do not confuse reflections with shadows. Working outside during the day, take enough photographs to end up with 30 interesting photographs with reflections. No credit will be given for improperly exposed photographs or out of focus photographs. No credit will be given for photos taken inside without sufficient light.  Upload to an album on Flickr. Send your best two to the class group.

Reflections example by Edward Burtynsky:

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