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Global Corrections – Yunique

For my before image, I captured a some berries in a bush. At first glance, the mood of this photograph is very dull and dreary. All from the color and lighting of the photo. There are also various colors being used, but I felt that it should give the image a bit of pop to it.

For my after image, there have been many edits that helped changed the mood of my photograph. In Lightroom, I wanted to give my subject, the berries, a bit more color to it. I wanted to increase  the hues on my reds in the image so that the series appeared more lively and present. I decreased my exposure slightly, increased the contrast and reduced some of the highlights. I also reduced some of the whites in the image. clarity was also fixed in which I increased it slightly. I also wanted the trees in the background to be more greener, so I also messed around with the green hues within my image. Sharpening, Vibrance and Saturation were also increased slightly.

Midterm Critique Lisbeth

I love how close she got to the tree trunk, it also shows how simple things we gloss over. But if we take he time to look at the simple things, it shows how beautiful it is.
The photo looks like, the world just froze in time. The shutter speed and ISO makes the water look clear and tangible.
The flowers grabbed my attention, the orange ones in focus shows that there is still some beauty in the fall. With the leaves in less focus in the background it draws attention to the flowers even more.

Midterm Critique – Melissa’s Photos

This photograph was one of the best in terms of capturing the natural beauty of a plant. There were many different forms that were achieve within this image such as fill the frame and the use of shallow depth of field. I like how the color green radiates throughout the image.

Some things about this photo is that if fills the frame, has great backlight and also focuses on the subject, the berries, more than what’s being shown in the background.
This photograph highlights the natural beauty of Mother Nature. We are seeing elements of a shallow depth of field which is capturing the beauty of the plants we see in the photograph. The lighting is also well achieved when cast upon the plants.
This photograph is also interesting and one of the best I’ve seen in terms of capturing a wild animal in its habitat. We can see the usage of the rule of thirds which suggests that the subject does not have to be in the center of the image. The lighting is also varied in which we can see that the squirrel, the subject, is in a more dimmer area than the background which has more direct light.
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