Our first visit to the BBG was on the last day of summer. Now, it is three weeks into fall. The assignment is to capture seasonal change. Post a minimum of 30 photos to an album on Flickr and send your best two the class group.

If there is direct sunlight, shoot at least 10 photos in which the shadows are the main subject. Use exposure compensation to make the shadows as dark as they appear to your eye.

In some of the other photos, use shallow depth of field to isolate the subject from the background. Use a fast shutter speed to capture moving water in one of the garden’s fountains.

Use at least one of the following compositional principles in each photo: a frame within a frame, the rule of thirds, diagonals, leading lines, patterns, symmetry, and always think about the figure to ground relationships.

In other words, use everything we have discussed in class to make your photos as visually engaging as possible.