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Week 2 – Composition: The Frame

Lab 1 – Composition

The Frame

Cropping: how much information is in the frame

  • a long shot
  • a medium shot
  • a close up
  • an extreme close up.

Angle of View:  describes the camera position in relationship to the subject. The angle of view may be:

  • a worm’s-eye view
  • a low-angle
  • eye-level
  • a high-angle
  • a bird’s-eye or aerial or overhead view
  • oblique angle
Tram on Sukharevsky Boulevard, 1928. Alexander Rodchenko.

Angle of View Examples By Alexander Rodchenko

Lab: Week 2 – Angle of View

HW 2: Hula Hoops

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  1. Avar He Zapata

    I wasn’t in class on 9/14. By now I already submitted my hula hoop album on flickr.

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