Robin Michals | COMD 1340 Photography 1

HW 8: Final Project Statement and Mood Board

Theme: Perfume Photography

For my final project, I want to photograph perfume bottles. Specifically, because I have a lot of perfume bottles of my own. But, I like the aesthetic of photographs of perfume bottles in advertisements. Perfume to me is the pretty intricate bottles, the color of the liquid, the shape, and the smell. Perfume to me holds memories. Every perfume I have holds a memory because the fragrance holds a memory of the day it was worn. That to me means a lot and it makes me happy. For this final project, I want to showcase the beauty of perfume. I will not be showcasing any expensive or luxury branded perfumes whether I have them or not. I want to show that even simple smells and sprays can be profound in their own way. I want to highlight the intricate details of the bottle as well as the contents of the bottle. Such as the body the top and the sprayer/atomizer. It works by converting the liquid perfume into a fine mist, allowing for controlled and even application of the fragrance. I want to include close-ups as well as different angles and the full body of the perfume bottle. I want to showcase the liquid and it being sprayed. I want to put interesting and complimenting backgrounds with the fragrance. I want to include interesting textures and colors to capture the essence of each design. I want to include lighting techniques I learned in class to accentuate the bottle and its features. Therefore to create visually captivating images. Some specific actions I would like to take when taking my photos are to add some water droplets, and water splashes, use reflections, bright and dark areas, and add some contrast. I want to show the emotional appeal of the fragrances. I want the viewer to be able to smell the bottle of the fragrance with just the use of their eyes. I want the viewers to appreciate the bottle, to want the bottle. Even without smelling it, they know that it smells good. Just like how fragrance bottle advertisements do now. Those capture my eye.

Josh Caudwell:

David Lineton

Daniel Lindh

Tom Hartford

David Parfitt

Kevin Norris

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  1. rmichals

    This is a very ambitious topic. it is hard to photograph glass because it reflects light. There are very specific ways to light glass that you can reproduce at home. Take a look at this and also read the lab instructions:

    Try it for one week and it it is too difficult change topics.

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