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Flowers and plants

Theme for my project is going to be flowers and their environment  and the way I’m going to do this is by going to the botanical garden and capturing photos of different plants and flowers from similar environments. The first step is that by visiting different exhibits and capturing photos of each in their own climate I will be able to see a common mood. I want to be able to capture the mood of each of the plants and flowers. I want to be able to show if there’s a similarity between the physical appearance of the plant and environment. The way I’m also going to do this is by capturing similar plants but in different climates and conditions. The way I’m going to do this is by capturing close ups of each of the flowers. I also want to get medium shots and long shots. The purpose of this is to focus on each of them. Also to bring out the details with the close ups. In the long shots my main objective is to show how most of the plants interact in the same environment or conditions to be exact. I will shoot inside these exhibits but also I am going to be outside focusing on different species of plants. The reason for this is to also show the change in climate since its spring. This will be the best time to be able to capture these species of plants at their peak. I’m also going to try and go on rainy days to see how they differ in appearance and what it evokes. I’m also going to try and play with the aperture to bring out the detail and the feeling of texture more vividly in each of the close ups. Also we are exposed to different species of plants but we don’t know much about them so I hope to learn alot about each species of plants.

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  1. rmichals

    The first question I want to ask you is are you sure you want to do a project on flowers and plants? It is a lovely subject but in many ways very hard to make your own.

    If you are committed to it, think about how to give it some focus. Here are a few ideas.

    It is spring and the leaves on the trees are opening as we speak. There is a map of the street trees in New York City:

    You could photograph 10 species of trees in different stages of spring.

    If you really want to do botanic gardens-you could go to all three Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens. One each week.

    Or one over the course of three weeks to show what blooms when during the spring and bring out how the plants grow. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden has on its website what is blooming at the moment:

    When we went, there were about 4 plants in bloom. Look how many there are now!

    I love the lady bug in your example. You could look for insects.

    Figure out a way to give the project some shape.

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