Midterm in Networking

While getting to the mid-semester to Graphic Design, the event I chose contains meeting up in business like, and socially connecting with a new face on common interest. This social event for this term is Overtime with Google. The search engine, Google is common to most people as it’s an easy way to look up an answer giving you shortcuts on what you’re looking for. Relating to what people want, when going to the event located at Chelsea Piers, this experience does relate to being outside on the computer to asking people where and how this event was created. After checking in with a Google represent, the event has begun with nametags and treats in a beat.

I chose this event for my term report because I, myself am fond with Google that’s a big help to my observations and reliability. Other than a perfect search engine, I did research on the event that it contains products of Google and artists and business associates supporting this brand as a common site for networking (relies on different people coming together help one another). The event contains booths that listed different business members and artists as well as their magnificent to how networking helped them support their field of design.

One designer is an expert in Typography that she published her design journal and her business, Dronile Hiraldo. In Dronile’s side to graphic design, she spoke to me that being in this field of design involves comments, promotions and itself “networking”. She practiced typography herself leading to her work being published and great feedback from different members of the art industry. Graphic Design involves consistency and masterwork that you feel comfortable with. She mentioned to me that her work is her opportunity to show the world that you are a designer. There are times that her work of art in interview was rejected to finding a job. She said to me, “That’s not a problem.. you keep doing what you’re doing”.

After experiencing each field of members approach to design, I met one designer who’s freelancer and someone who has been on my shoes learning about graphic design (before going to the panel by the Google coach team). The first incredible graphic designer that I met, his name is Julian Stewart. Mr. Stewart started freelancing in graphic design when he was in high school. At that time, I started the design field after my last four years in high school. He mentioned to me that being a designer gives you practice and motivation on what you can accomplish next to your journey. We then shared a common experience to how our work was created given in depth on our improved work (shown on an Ipad). He mentioned to me that in the summer, he found an internship full-time that involves packaging design. Many types of design can achieved by not giving up and being yourself in strength. This is what he told me as we moved on to the panel.

The networking is just the beginning as we approach the Google panel. The panel itself is observed with four members of the team: both google coaches and special artists (illustrator, designer and photographers) that support their brand, thanks to google. The panel starts with the Google team and hosts, Francia Wilkins and Genese Jamilah presented on-board the stage with a conversation to how their brand was supported and what makes networking important to our daily lives. They mentioned that Google itself, is a reference to our daily lives, we can’t survive Google (other search engines such as Firefox is like a backup partner to work). Ms, Wilkins is a freelance business maker to her artwork as she said to all of us, “when one door closes, another one opens”. This gives a quote to everyone that you cannot let one negative effect of the outcome come to you that it’s the end for you. It involves an app created by the team, Brilliant (a daily app that’s best for your daily lives).

The event gave me a lot to learn about being yourself, as the employee of the field (even if you’re looking for an opportunity, you can still be working). Going for more offers is a great approach for artists to be their use of work. Promoting yourself is about releasing your inner strength and skills for projection.

The space itself, overall, is a huge place for social gathering. It’s located in the Hell’s kitchen 3rd floor that has an auditorium size for panel with many different rooms involving Google projects. The main floor is filled with 600 members for social gathering and business. Before leaving, business cards were given and exchanged by Stewart and Hidalgo. Giving a contact with people you meet gives an influence to life that you’ll find support to your work seeing the masterpiece grow. In Art design, opportunities and conversating with one another comes and go as a connection is made to increase the strength to motivation and hard-work. This is what makes me a designer to go for the gold!