Assignment 1

When I step foot in the graphic design world, I thought it would be about learning new things with colors. Later, as a senior in City Tech, there’s a lot that I can learn from. Sketching points out is the first step in design as my thought to make a powerful point. From class to another class, I have started to learn more about graphic arts, itself.

After watching TED talk featuring Sunni Brown, her learning in graphic design is Doodling. She speaks about doodling and how there’s a definition of being a good work of art or to someone who’s willing to draw. The doodler could determine as someone with action taking part of the political world. She claims that we doodle is like drawing whatever’s on your mind, like procrastinate. We are also blinded in verbal state that people are forgetting that doodling is important. I believe that her point is correct because doodling does help in the real world of art.

From Ms. Brown’s talk on doodling, her point helped to my drawing skills that a terrible artist can’t think that to yourself but to express your point and communication to others. Doodling can be a distraction but, in my experience, it’s a next-step in progress if you’re looking for something. In fact, doodling helps avoid procrastination whenever they have a lot of time and have nothing on their hands. Doodling helps my sketches a lot to what I would like to design as well as logos to be done digitally. It’s a powerful step, easy point in reference.

Another TED talk, by Chip Kidd titled “Clarity or Mystery” gave another approach to design. Viewing Chip’s work, his book covers were amazing. A lot of his design attracted most of the audience attention that cover’s are designed by your own thoughts and creativity. This lead me to think to myself: to designing one to present to the world, what would the audience want and what they want to see?

Both TED talks gives a learning experience that one can express their skills in a work of presentation. Projecting yourself is a key idea to being a better graphic designer. Freelance yourself, showing the world that you are an artist and that gives more feedback to your work in skills. I learned a lot through both TED talks that distraction doesn’t lead to procrastination but gives you a jump start on what would you want to do in the future. This is what’s shown to both artists: presentation and class.