Final Reflection

As the internship course is coming to a close, the success to being a great graphic designer shows a lot in motivation and professionalism. In the course of internship, we communicate with each other about project retouches and due dates. The learning process focuses on topics such as contracts, flexibility and constructive criticism. The opportunity to working at an organization gave better motivation on pursuing more skills on a graphic designer like clothing mockups and designs in newsletter and poster. It was a challenge using layouts and color choices to design but, with revisions helped a lot for a final finish touch.

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Business Etiquette with Role Model

In the song Son of Man by Phil Collins, an inspiration to Tarzan, he states “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn”. This lyric is like a motivational quote to keep going that I can accomplish this goal to be successful. During my time at an organization, there is someone I know who is common with their skills of graphic design. I was given great notes to learning about typography, photography and presentation to future graphic designers that I may stumble upon.

Having a mentor (or more than one) is important in the career workspace. A mentor can help give good feedback in your choice of study with helpful tips. A mentor gives the communicator time for conversation when he or she is available.  For my internship, I had a mentor help me from my first newspaper design and it was successful that I gave a thumbs up. I did learn a lot from the help that was given.

Shuttershock: Erica Lamberg      5 tips for how to be a great mentor to your summer intern.

Ethics in Graphic Design Part 2

2A) In the past, when a project is being constructed, I did use another creative’s work but as a reference and inspiration. This was supported after the project that was done by myself was submitted to the page before. In question and answer form, creative work from another artist is used. However, did I give the artist credit? The answer is Yes in italics to the bottom of the image.

Before, when I did a rebranding to a beverage company, I rebranded a logo but gave credit to the previous logo designer for reference.. Also, any photo related graphic work, if an image is used on the outside, then credit is given. It’s an important and ethical task to do and websites like Pexels and Unsplash or freeimages to get stock images that are free to use by everyone. This important quote, from the AIGA article about photography, “Use of stock images avoids the many contractual issues that may arise when photography is done on assignment”. This demonstrates that when a project is done, in terms of photography, the images are free  taken by professionals and you have the right to use them and you avoid any trouble you can get into by using a random photograph in the internet that is not in stock  and evades a problem on getting sue for stealing an photo. You passed this important term to doing an unethical idea to use a photo without permission.

By giving credit to the original photographer or artist is the right consideration to using someone else’s work. The artist gives a connection to copyright is Jeff Koons. According to Jeff Koons, his work was matched with copyright strikes on similar photos. There was a case in the article, Rogers vs Koons Lesson 2 about a similar photo of himself with puppies. Although the photos looked the same, it still gave a similar approached that he used the inspiration without giving proper credit. It would’ve been avoided if his photo caption gave the name to the original photographer as support.

AIGA Use of Photography

Legalities 30: Jeff Koons and Copyright Infringement



Jeff Koons: A Retrospective' Opens at the Whitney - The New York Times

Jeff Koons art: The New York Times


2B) Mr. Fairey was sued by the Associated Press back in 2009 for copyright infringement for using a photo by Mannie Garcia, a photographer in the AP. In my thought, that this person (Failey) is recreating a photograph in design but did not know that this photograph was copyright by Garcia. This definitely relates to writing papers in any subject, when you found a reliable source, then, you have to give credit to that source. In photographs, best thing to do is give credit to the owner. The New York Times article quotes, “The parties also agreed to share the rights to make posters and merchandise bearing the image, of Hope. Mr. Fairey gave his response that he did not make or plan to have the image in profit. In a thought of this, Mr. Fairey wasn’t known a lot to artists but still a warning to give credit in next advice. The main idea is give credit in every research you go through or found according to the copyright rule. Overall, I think it would’ve been resolved only if he checked to make sure it wasn’t a plagiarism strike.

Fairey Copyright Case

Copyright Fair Use and How it Works for Online Images : Social Media Examiner


Ethics in Graphic Design Part 1

1A) At my internship, most of my tasks was creating newsletters. When we are given permission to use image, we can use one that’s on reliable sources like unsplash but, credit has to be given. In terms of ethics, when an example of the previous newsletter was given to me, I should not copy the style and change the color making it a presentable letter. That goes through an unethical logic. However, I am allowed to use photographs taken by myself  in design. In ethics, when using an outside image, credit must be given to the author. According to the AIGA Design guidelines through Ethical Standards, this quote is important, “A professional designer will clearly outline all intellectual property ownership and usage rights in a project proposal or estimate”. This gives meaning that a designer defines their rules through a product before handed in. If it was published without credit, then there will fines for this action. In my take, I carefully use my own designs and photos to avoid this unethical act. This is an act to carefulness when I’m using images, I would make sure if it’s on a website that’ll link to the image.

AIGA Business Ethics – Guide to Copyright 

Copyright Fair Use and How it Works for Online Images

1B) A Non-Disclosure agreement is a big important document that helps the company protect any sues and lawsuits for any work published as your own. For my internship, I didn’t get one from the company, but I sent the agreement to the internship provider. Even though that isn’t shown from the organization, it is important to follow the ethical guidelines about not exposing other information to the public or that it was already mentioned through the leader. I understand that this is an ethical purpose to keep any information about the company or projects that was not leaked to the public. In a Non disclosure agreement, I believe that it is important to protect informative that isn’t sensitive and keep it private to the companies and with clients. However, if the project is important that other organizations take part, then we would have a contract to take part that we are involved to this project.

Non Disclosure Agreement


How Do I Use the Copyright Symbol? |

LegalZoom: Keeping notes


Self Evaluation.

So far: I feel as though I have been a decent worker at my internship. With the skills I have obtained through school, I feel as though my work has been pretty good, though I feel as though I can be better at what I do. Some of the assignments I have done came out great, but some of the things I made could have been a lot better. One thing I will say is that I have been getting most assignments done within the deadline, on the rare occasions that I have gotten deadlines.

I’ve learned a lot through my internship. I gained more knowledge to the Adobe Creative Suites, networking with other clients as a team and presenting projects to the supervisor with feedback. I also learned about preparation to the organization so, that the schedule for due projects is flexible in presentation.

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Internship Collaboration

A collaborate project is one who works on task but with other members in the same group or organization. Recently, for my internship, I have not yet received a project that’s a collaborative piece. However, having the same task knowing after a completed task may count. That is if a task consists of design, and we have designs posted. By my name and another team member on the same page, it may somewhat be teamwork collaborative. The project was making T-shirts, Hoodies and Masks for the organization. I worked on the project myself and another on text chat, two people total. It was successful as we have nice feedback by supervisor.

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Internship Learning

For my internship at an organization so far, the learning process is fantastic. A task that was given to me can bring out new skills that I learned so far in the graphic design. I’m learning how to proofread clearly on design tasks: avoiding mistakes found and keeping track with deadlines. The early, the better, one says. I am also performing clerical duties by answering messages thru email, and creating proofs so, that I know how much time is being done on each task. My typical day on the internship is logging in though the rock app to check messages and tasks. This includes jotting down each time I start in and out of the organization. I also save extra copies for the continuing of the task. With that, organization is the key to start and end of the day to keep track.

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Document links: Calvin Huang Internship Learning

Calvin Huang Internship Learning Chinese format


Internship Workplace

The workplace to where I’m at is like is like a small room with a computer, books and magazine. However, the outbreak has changed my workplace to being in remote. That means working at my home desktop with an Ipad for virtual interviews. The attire of my company is somewhat formal (neutral) as each induvial has a different work schedule and environment depending on their task. Dressing at work is a long-sleeve color shirt and denim. The interview is the same as mentioned due to the outbreak, in-person interview was on hold until changes were being made.

The culture of the workspace is a feeling of satisfaction as one is sitting at a desktop waiting for a task to be assigned for an assistant. That gives it a thought to what talent will be displayed that day or so. Each employee of this organization has different hours and days to their schedule.

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Receiving the Internship

Obtaining an internship was hard for me given that this course is required to have one. However, I was able to find one as my professor suggested an organization to me. I had up to the third Saturday of February to have an internship for this course and succussed otherwise it was a no-go through the entire semester. After approving the suggestion to the internship, I received the email to the supervisor of the company, Unity of Equality and right away sent him my resume with phone number. The interview was different as we did it through phone and email, speaker was used throughout the call. The questions I was asked: “What programs are you familiar with?” and “Can you give a brief explanation about yourself”?. Later on during the call, the supervisor let me know that I was all set after 1 day of the phone interview. The process was done virtually due to covid-19. Every communication and task was done via the Rock app for connection. My task as a graphic designer is to design newsletters, redevelop logos and keep track on assigned tasks that was given to me. As I’m writing this blog, I ‘ve completed a newsletter and redeveloped a logo for this organization. My supervisor is the leader of this company, keeping track on tasks and members on board.
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The New Internship

It was the beginning where I fulfill my needs to learn about the real world working with other people through the art world.

This is an introduction to, obtaining the Internship:

For this Spring semester, I am interning at a non-profit organization relating to my major in graphic design. This company is public that there are about 10,000 people in the mailing list. The clients of the organization are senior citizens with other students around the high school year working with each other to build a better environment for all. The business for the company is making campaigns to keeping influencers informed on important events that goes on through their daily lives. To my skills, I am assigned to designing newsletters and rebranding logos.


TUC Features: Impacting Lives Through His ‘Unity For Equality’ Non Profit Organization – TUC (

 Super Hero To The Downtrodden (

These two links gives a summary to how one person changes the idea to being a chairman having the thought to one day, you can change it all. Both of these links are about giving to one another helping those in need. One of them is an audio podcast as it’s similar to being in a job interview. I learned that being one gives you choices to who you are. Show yourself, your perfection can change it all!

Internship 101 for local employers – The NAU Review

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