Art and Copy

Calvin Huang

May 1, 2019

Art and Copy

Advertising is a key term to sell a product or campaign to a large targeted audience telling what you’re doing and changing. Advertisement can sometimes lead to being in or a try again option in a game. The history of advertising can be traced all the way back to the ancient timeline.  The film mentions that Egyptians used a fruit (papyrus) to make sales messages and then be spread out through the city and promoting influences.  Fast forwarding to the 20th Century, with constant new technologies, Currently, with ads, it can be on an app, the streets or things in our mind.

In the film, ads mentioned were about Nike, but, one stood out to me was an ad campaign for a bank mentioned by Hal Rainey. His ad campaigns were different with today’s technology as his way was decided to make a song about young people’s lives and change (music movement). The goal of the ad campaign was to target the younger audience since most of the client in the bank were in the senior ages. The bank’s president agreed even though Hal only gave him a vague answer on the outcome of the ad since there were problems to be determined. In the music video, “We Only Just Begun”, there weren’t many words but a comment to “You’ve got a long way to go”. However, “We’d like to help you get there.” This became a positive outcome to the task. What the agency did was give a daily life cycle to the audience in demonstration of the art structure. From my perspective, this was a way to be successful. This ad was able to tell the audience that although their journey to life is the start of progress, this bank will help you get further to positivity. There was a mentioning that the ad was a success to the bank, loans were not a problem with the best solution solved and worked out with compromise.

Other noticeable ad campaign discussed in this file were Lee Clow with his choice for Apple. The TV ad involves a video clip being zoomed out of the edited version of that clip by an old Apple Macintosh desktop with a date. Lee’s inspiration to this ad is by a different perspective from other ads that we see available and what the future looks like differently.  George Lois opinion in advertisements is a statement like a trap to get you into like to overcome sadness and enjoy yourself in different persuasions. From the movie, what caught my eye and film itself was Tommy Hilfiger to the “Greatest Designers we are by four”. This ad campaign was a hit (amazing point) that it was popular from the past up to now.

Thinking lateral may be a great step to the ad design process leading to big events. It allows ad designers to create ads that one has not come up with in a new term. If the ad was presented and a lot of feedback comes apart like other artists or graphic enthusiasts, then, it’ll be like an icon as Tommy Hilfiger by George Lois. Lateral thinking may lead to being successful and to the industry, impressions on the work vary as it can be great but later needs work.  A masterpiece not making it in the cut does not mean it’s terrible, it’s a sign that it’s still amazing but revisions makes the work better than what they’ll see.

Before I watched the film, I always believed that ads were a way to suggest to others in persuasive form to the market and in purchase. After watching the film, I believe that advertising is an artistic skill to accomplish creativity and success to their future and get noticed. Take Lee Clow’s perspective as one to get to a perfect goal.  His goal for recognition was in an artistic way with this campaign for Apple Macintosh. His skill in creativity is an inspiration in brilliant design masterpiece.