Assignment 3

Today’s lecture we continued to learn more about graphic design but, to the real world. When we want to showcase our design, our professor talked to us, designers on where to present our work to get noticed. In our lecture, we learned that our presentation of work shows credibility, and success to what we’ve worked on our own (It’s move worthy and paper too). A recommendation was mentioned that we can use behance to present our work and dribble for free. They were very useful resources to our best work.

Our professor taught us about being designers leading to jobs. From our previous lecture, we were taught that facing our fears leads to success if one plan doesn’t work out. It takes time to find the perfect opportunity to what you’re studying for. Online jobs like Indeed and Glassdoor is a useful website to showcase your portfolio before presenting yourself in person. The timing takes patience for acceptance. We were taught that rejection takes time and can be overcome by going further to improve your work for a better chance of success. The job process was part of the design routine.

In class, we learned about a designer who showcased themselves to the real world leading to fortune, Saul Bass. He’s known to create movie posters and logos. From what I’ve researched about him online, he created posters by making a quote and then visual to the statement. It’s like he’s telling us what he’s doing. This has shown me ways to improve the making of my designers to be a better person. He also uses sculptures and typography together visually. For his work, he’s an artisan designer and loves to experiment with letters and colors.

In the end of the lecture, our professor showed us her website on how she’s noticeable. It starts by showing who is she and what she’s been doing during her art career. This later leads to her skills presented in the big screen showing what she’s been accomplished. We were lead to her best work in her portfolio, web and print design. As she mentioned “portfolio”, this was part of our upcoming assignment to our past work as presentation.

Presenting the best work shows a timeline on how one started in design to learn more about the topic. It gives others a chance to show their skills to become the one in success. How does one person learn more about design? The past artists gives a reference to the work on what one tries to improve on. With more artists viewing the work, the better chance that you’ll be noticed. Better than nothing!