Assignment 2

Week 2 of Graphic Design taught me more knowledge as an artist in this class. In the beginning, we watched an animation that itself lead to the design world to what we learn as artists. From the Piper animation, the figure shows one who’s determining to become one another after failing for the first time.  We learn from the film that the person who didn’t get it right practiced till the end that lead to success. This short film shows determination to someone willing to do a goal worth achieving (as in the small bird facing its fears to eat). As a designer’s point of view, this lead to methods of a good point in keynote: being successful, and prepared.

For semester timing, in design, there are points that we receive feedback from others on the progress of work being done. That process may lead to the best or to moments when you think that your work may not be part of what the artists is looking for. Critique is part of the process where we are feared because of the judgement received.  It’s a fear that leads to self-doubt that is a thinkable thought (downfall) that results in a rising action that isn’t what you may picture of. A plus side to critique is whenever someone quotes the work I’ve done, they mention the fine work in a positive tone. The feedback helps as I can improve my skills so, I can present the best to what the artists want.

What kind of graphic designer am I? I am the one who likes to create a bigger picture to present to everyone about my experts. Most of all, I am artisan. I found a quote through an article on graphic design stating that, “creativity is your best work on your ability”. This fit me most of all as I learn more to making presentations through craftsmanship and experiment tools from hand to the digital touchpad. I believe to myself that time and patience is the key to an artist.

Looking back at my projects, what fits me best is branding and advertising design. When I first started graphic design, I looked at a few advertisements from store brands and the buildings and thought it could be worth designing. This leads to me doing sketches and variations of the logos as one can change from time. Letters have different typefaces to companies leading me to doing the best to variate the design (also part of advertising). An example project that I have done is the Brooklyn Bridge. I know that location is very popular so, I made image sketches and choosing typefaces giving the location the attention grabber.

In general, typography fits my type of interest design. Fonts are all over in design and direction. Wayfinding is also the skill that fits my design work. People are sometimes confused on the movement they point out. However, with descriptions, the location makes it easy and movement objects as well. The more I learn about graphic design, the better the idea relates. The programs that I’m an expert at as a student in the graphic degree is Adobe Illustrator. I like making logos, provide a bigger approach in direction to making ad’s in photoshop. I learned most of my art skills through articles and online campaigns.

With the skills of graphic design, inspiration of art leads to learning on the topic you’re studying (in my point of view). Being afraid of criticism is normal, however, that’s positive showing that you can do more to yourself: avoiding rejection and improvement. Just like Piper, facing your fears in critiques will overcome your downfall but brining a better approach to yourself. To me, it does help to think as the key to motivation, “I’m an achiever”.