Assignment 6


For this weeks class, we watched a documentary to a designer seeking happiness in his thoughts of artwork. This gives an adaption to his traits to being a good designer learning the process to a fine work well done. Being a happy designer gives a close friendship to your artwork as well as communicating with other artists.

Following a video that we watched in class that day, we learned about design process. It goes by research giving a “what” to your work. This lead to sketches, similar to drafts on paper for presentation. Afterwards, it leads to refinement of the work being done. The publish piece may take longer than expected because one may think to themselves that they need more work added (overthinking). Loving ones work or yourself is a big-seller in the market and your response but, it leads to speculation.

From what I’ve learned in our lecture, being the one who likes the work takes a lot of happiness leading to “, what am I going to do”? Overthinking leads to stress but, creativity is the source of all.