Assignment: Greatest Movie Ever Sold


In “The Greatest Movie Ever Made”, terms are described with meaning to a great brand.

One is co-promotion which is a movie being made into a blockbuster gaining more to the customer’s attention and business improvement. While promoting other brands, the advertisements must match the facts giving fact-fiction (mixed of reliable information to indicate the audience to the brand. Some locations don’t recommend advertising because of visual pollution (advertisements being spread however, people cannot concentrate). From the rule Brazil made, their way to advertise is from communication and on the internet. For a better observation through the progress, one can connect with another in networking. I also learned another way to say advertising is slogan (another way to say promotion).

Compared to the movie in branding design, my brand personality is motive and skillful. The brands that fit my personality is Kung-fu-tea. As a daily customer who gets their passion drinks before and after what goes on in life, I feel like I’m addicted to the brand because of the amount of times I choose to get drinks there instead of other places. The quote, “Fearless, leading” fits my personality. Another brand is Nike, as a person who’s just willing to do it. I am fond with the brand because of the comfort and how they fit. The clothing fits well to a person who’s willing to get the job done. The brand that I also relate to is live nation where I go live in the concert for the living environment.  Also, Target is a direct brand for me because I usually get my items there and it’s convenient to where I live now. Customer service is satisfactory for the most part.

The main idea that Morgan Spurlock shows to everyone is rejection is not something to give up on in design career, it’s a way to show that the future will get better. In the film, each brand that Morgan objects to the company workers, he’s willing to express his ideas. However, when it feels like he’s being turned down, he isn’t. To overcome that rejected feeling, he shows his sense of humor as one to feel better about himself. Each presentation, they don’t think it’s bad: it just wasn’t what they are looking for or accurate. His visionary advice to everyone: keep going, it’ll get better after each advice given.

The term to sell-out is someone who just goes with the brand just because someone convinces you to for an offer. A person who isn’t interested in the brand off-camera is someone who goes with the flow for fortune. In the opposite definition, a person buying in the brand is one who’s passionate for the brand for reason. One likes the brand for the first time willing to go with it.

Shameless self-promotion is like one who likes the idea not because of the figure but, the thought that count. This goes with the effect that the ideas are tuned in the wrong way. It’s one that thinks the idea is good. However, there needs to be work done with the count. You can improve the idea being worked out. It’s better than leaving the progress aside.

The main things I’ve learned about this film is that being one’s idea who’s not accepted is not a bad thing to life, this means your journey will get better with advice and obstacles. Another learning process with the film is that advertising is about honesty. A brand describing yourself is like describing your characteristics on who you are. One main thing I learned is credibility: it helps like schoolwork. For a work to be nicely done, it’s not a problem, be loud: collaborate.