Assignment 5


To someone approaching the steps in Graphic Design, there are methods to the approach of knowledge. One term that we learned from this week is a design trendsetter. The term meaning is one who express Graphic Design through their ideas inspired by their feelings. Talented designers who share this definition as we know Steve Jobs, who created the first phone to introduce touchscreen. It was popular from his creativity and making a difference through the past about technology.

An example through class about being a Trendsetter is Stefan Sagmester who is a designer expressing his feelings about creativity. As a person working in Hong Kong, he didn’t felt like himself being upset for reasons. During his trip, a billboard he saw caught interest causing him to be happy about himself that he would come back at a free time for success. He kept mind to himself that what he sees amazes him such as the New York City Subway, this shows that he wants to make designs to show that type of feeling (amusement).

My trendsetter is a work of art through transportation. I have a connection to Sagmiester that transportation art makes me wonder that I can learn a lot through the advertisements I see and to amusement. During my spare time, finding scraps in my basement, I would make a collage of everything I have and place it all together to express a single term or quote. Putting old projects together help think to myself that I’m showing creativity without leaving everything to waste. It’s like what I’ve done in graphic design principles making collages with scissors and glue to a project.

What I learned in this class is that being a trendsetter helps as a skill in excellent graphic design. Being yourself thinks to yourself going back to our previous lecture, “What kind of Graphic Designer are you?” This builds up to any old projects to be put together in a collage. Being your own trendsetter is about creativity and presentation to what you’re distributing to everyone. That includes past artists as mentors to work of art.

A trendsetter is like your assistant to your motivation. The one to help you create new ideas to what you’ve learned in the past of art. This definition helped me understand creativity to design and presentation to others. Describing what artist am I, mindful and skillful, art has shown me ways to reflect back on history and free lance in graphics.