Giovanni Morales – H.W#2: Coffee and food during Civil War

The thing that I found fascinating about the Civil War era was what the soldiers were eating during battles since they couldn’t have a good proper meal, all they depended on was a hardtack. When I first saw the image of a hardtack it was just a big large crack, also known as a tooth breaker because of how hard it was to bite down so it was dipped into coffee to soften. I would love to try a hardtack just to have that experience and imagine what it was like for a soldier in the Civil war times ate. Hardtack should be brought back to life, I don’t see why many businesses wouldn’t want to revive it. 

The food that that can’t live without would be Tacos al Pastor. Its pork meat that has been heated up in spinning brill and when grilled right you have this crispy thin layer on the outside and nice warm soft layer on the inside. You can add more toppings such as lemon, chopped onions, salsa verde or roja (green/ red sauce) and pineapple. The best tacos al pastor are found in Mexico, because of the tortilla on how different it tastes, they are really different from the tortilla here in the United States.Tacos al Pastor

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