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HomeWork #7

Jump cuts used by Jean-Luc-Goddard’s films especially in À Bout de Souffle added a stylistic choice to depict the entropic urban life of Paris. Jean-Luc-Goddard’s heavy use of jump cuts has influenced later directors to using this editing style to depict fast passed and hectic scenes. Old Boy by Park Chan-wook uses jump cuts in an early scene to depict the messy discordant actions of drunkenness by the protagonist Oh Dae-su.The jump cuts, cuts between scenes of discord from Oh Dae-su’s drunken antics, showing the mess of his drunken state through the use of jump cuts.

Homework Number Six

Deconstruction of scenes by location is an introspective way to view a scene. I’ve seen deconstruction of scenes akin to California architect HervĂ© Attia’s short films, on blog sites in which famous scenes from movies are juxtaposed to images of film locations on google’s street view on maps. I think Attia’s short film in which she revisit prominent locations of movies such as Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds (1963) is a great way to feel nostalgic for a time well past . It allows the viewer to see how time has changed the location since the movie. It gives the audience a deeper vision of the location, and lets the viewer come to grasp that the sights seen in someones favorite film is an actual place immortalized in the film.

Homework #4-Interstellar

Interstellar is a shinning example of a large budget movie that evokes the imagination through the movies elaborate folds. Directed by the exuberant Christopher Nolan who also co-wrote the script, tells the story of a dying humane race whose only option for survival is elsewhere in the vast cosmic space of the universe. The films budget is aproximately $165,000,000 which is an enormous budget, but the budget was so well used, and is evident throughout films story. The films use of breathtaking cinematic views, the presence of actors such as Matthew McConaughey who give the film such convincing performances, and the films overall intricacies puts its large budget to good use. Interstellar protrudes what is is to be a Hollywood spectacle. Although the budget isn’t on par with the top contenders of the Hollywood big budgets, it does stand far above most film budgets. I chose this film because of the absolute breath taking images presented, the well founded science that backs up most of the movie’s premise, and its overall ability to immerse myself into another world. This film was also able to achieve large box office figures without being a rehashed film based on previous films or based on other media. Interstellar is an original film and was able to stand along side other big budget movie with less originality, although aspects of the film due hold a close resemblance to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 a space odyssey.