Homework #4-Interstellar

Interstellar is a shinning example of a large budget movie that evokes the imagination through the movies elaborate folds. Directed by the exuberant Christopher Nolan who also co-wrote the script, tells the story of a dying humane race whose only option for survival is elsewhere in the vast cosmic space of the universe. The films budget is aproximately $165,000,000 which is an enormous budget, but the budget was so well used, and is evident throughout films story. The films use of breathtaking cinematic views, the presence of actors such as Matthew McConaughey who give the film such convincing performances, and the films overall intricacies puts its large budget to good use. Interstellar protrudes what is is to be a Hollywood spectacle. Although the budget isn’t on par with the top contenders of the Hollywood big budgets, it does stand far above most film budgets. I chose this film because of the absolute breath taking images presented, the well founded science that backs up most of the movie’s premise, and its overall ability to immerse myself into another world. This film was also able to achieve large box office figures without being a rehashed film based on previous films or based on other media. Interstellar is an original film and was able to stand along side other big budget movie with less originality, although aspects of the film due hold a close resemblance to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 a space odyssey.

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  1. This is one film that I’ve wanted to see for a while now. From the trailers, I could tell that this is Hollywood spectacle. I’ve seen what you mentioned, which was the breath taking images and cinematic views, just from viewing the trailers, and they look truly astounding. I can only imagine how fascinating the whole film is. Your description of this film has just urged me even further to try to watch it. Majority of films today have a high budget, but many of them aren’t really what viewers expected to see. However, this film looks well worth its $165M budget.

  2. When I saw this movie, I thought this was the best space movie that was made in years. The Sandra Bullock movie “Gravity” was horrible. Interstellar was great over budget movie. The computer generated background was amazing. It had me on the edge of the seat the whole movie and the ending twist that happens at the end of the movie. It really puts the whole movie together. The whole movie evolves around “Time”

  3. this was really one of the best movies of 2014. the CGI and special effects were just phenomenal. and the whole time jump twists were crazy. being that it was directed by Christopher Nolan, it was a lot different than inception but of course he added the same kind of mind blowing twists to it.

  4. To be honest, after watching Gravity I expected Interstellar to be terrible. But it was actually pretty good. It did seem a little stupid with the pseudo time travel and stuff, but the way the different worlds looked was amazing. That world that seemed to be 90% water, that frozen world Matt Damon was on, the world Anne Hathaway crash landed on, and the world that curved inwards. It would make sense that this movie had a huge budget like this.

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