Animated Sequence- Homework #5

Its fascinating to watch “Walt Disney laugh-o-grams, “Alice in wonderland” it was very funny.  The way the girl “Alice’,interacted with the animated characters was very entertaining. Her expressions was very lively and her expressions were very animated as well which reflected her interactions with the characters. My favorite scene is her running, I think it was great how they got her legs to run really fast they gave her qualities of a cartoon , and the cartoons human traits. I like the underlying story of her falling asleep and dreaming about a different world, the world of the animated characters. Young kids have an active imagination so its a great story to tell of a young girl conjuring up a different world because most kids could probably relate. What also crossed my mind was how they did it, all the work of hand drawing those cartoons and giving it truly is an art, its difficult now and i can’t imagine how difficult it might have been back then without any technological advances like we have today.

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  1. I agree with Leslie because for that time, it was incredible to have such a animated film with a lot of color. This was a big step forward in the film industry. Alice acted and expressed like a real human but she was a cartoon!! This must’ve blown alot of peoples mind back then. I agree with Leslie that it was astounding because they didn’t have the technological advances that we have now back then.

  2. I agree with Leslie. I think Alice’s Wonderland was a huge step forward and really set the bar high for animated films during that time. Considering the fact that the technology wasn’t as advanced as it was back then, this film was a great accomplishment. The quality of the animation and cartoon was also fantastic, it wasn’t a poorly done job and I could only imagine the time spent physically drawing out every cartoon slide and putting them together.

  3. Animation at that time was such a improvement for the film industry at that time because it helped branched out alot of new genres that film creators can do. it also created a whole lot of jobs for artist because drawing the characters for a story took alot of work. even though we are more technological advanced now drawing comics book are still time consuming and hard work.

  4. The art of creating animations in earlier times took a lot of work to do. There were no computer programs that could do it. Instead the artists would have to hand draw each image multiple times and with the use of sequential photography move the images slightly to make them look like they were coming to life. I agree that it is truly amazing because it took time and dedication to actually make these things happen. Much like innovations in film, these in themselves were advancements because it allowed the audience to travel into this animated world and out of reality.

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