Homework #4: Oz The Great and Powerful

When it comes to films of spectacle, many have required massive budgets to complete the project. One of these films is a remake of the 1939 “The Wizard of Oz.” The film titled “Oz The Great and Powerful required an outstanding $215,000,000. As I began researching how the film was made and the type of equipment used, it became more evident to me why the budget skyrocket the way it did. The film began in 2011, where basic photography was being done by using 3D cameras. Much like the original film, when the tornado strikes, the audience is able to be transported alongside lead actor James Franco into the Land of Oz. But once he arrives, we are taken through a new world where out of the ordinary things exist. Actual sets were also built in addition to computer imaging to help the actors better visualize the fantasy world of the film. In order to accomplish the task of employing the china doll and flying monkey, special effects like puppetry and motion capture suits were needed to make these scenes come to life. The film drew in the audience with its vibrant colors and detailed scenes. It was a spinoff of the original film in 1939 but because of new arising technology, the film was able to transport the public into this 3D world.

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