Homework #4, Tron Legacy.



I’m quite sure the suit of my card is a heart, but I have been out of order the entire semester.

One film which comes to mind when considering grandiose films for me is Tron Legacy. Though a remake done by Disney, it was shot primarily in 3D. (I have no idea if the film was available to be viewed in 2D), and had a budget of somewhere upwards towards $170 Million.  However, the film itself recuperated just a little over twice what it cost. The soundtrack was created by Daft Punk, and that in itself was a grand affair, as during this time Daft Punk was still prevalent in electronic music, and the french duo fit the aesthetic of the film perfectly due to their obscurity & helmet-wearing appearance.

Disney World covered the monorails in decor which was to promote the movie, a video game was released, and there would follow a significantly large amount of merchandising for the film. It was made to parallel the cult following of the original, and did indeed appear alluring to said following, as they were now of age to introduce their children to an extremely more colorful and interactive version of the film they’d grown up enjoying themselves.

Though in itself, it did not live up to the original film, and did not receive many kind reviews beyond the visual experience of it, I do believe it to be significant, and indeed a spectacle.

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  1. I agree with the Disney remade tron being quite a flashy showing of spectacular cinema. Though changes were added in order to be in accordance to the modern day trend Hollywood action movies, it’s use of lights definitely make it a worth viewing film.

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