Homework #3 Noah Controversial films

When asked to post about a controversial film it was a little hard to think about because for the most part I don’t really have time to watch a lot of movies, but I thought back to the last few movies I did watch and one of them was “Noah” which I can imagine caused controversy just because it is based on a story told in the bible. Not only  do we all know when religion comes into play everyone always has its discrepancies. There are going to be those that don’t fully agree with what this portrays. Reading up on this movie in fact helped me discover that “Three Arab countries have banned the Hollywood film “Noah” on religious grounds even before its worldwide premiere and several others are expected to follow suit.”

2 thoughts on “Homework #3 Noah Controversial films”

  1. The one of the movies that i have watched that is considered as controversial is the one and only The silence of the lamb. this movie contains very gore themed story line. however i did fine it very well made because of the actor’s performance.

  2. This is also a movie that I have not seen, something about Russell Crowe as Noah that didn’t seem like it would work for me but I probably will watch it someday. Thanks for sharing.

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