The opening seen of X-men is very subtle in the way it begins but in essence it creates the foundation of all that is to come. It begins in German concentration camp in Poland in 1944. A young boy, who we later identify as Erik, is with his mother and upon entering the concentration camp, he is separated from her. Attempting to reunite with her, soldiers try to restrain him and while this goes on, he causes the metal gates to bend towards him, as though attracted by a magnetic force. This scene may not involve much physical action but it is crucial in setting the basis for the audience to make note of “mutant powers.” This young Erik is used in this scene to open up to idea that other mutants like him will come into play. In addition, he later becomes an important character that is portrayed as a villain. Even the scene of the Holocaust concentration camp is important in itself because it serves as the reason why Erik is very remorseless and always seeking revenge. The scene is subtle but it kick starts the film for the rest to build up.

2 thoughts on “HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT #2: X-MEN (2000)”

  1. this is one of my favorite movies. I can’t believe it’s almost 15 years since this came out. I had just turned 10 the weekend it released. this first X-Men movie is what jump started the wave of superhero movies for the last decade and a half. but this opening scene is very dramatic and it makes the audience wonder where this scene is taking place before it does tell you. then it goes to the shot of Erik but it gives you the idea that you don’t know who is, which I think is a weak point. then until he starts being restrained by the guards and he’s bending the gate with his controlling of metal, at that point you know he’ll become magneto. and as the scene is becoming more dramatic because he’s being taken from his mom and she’s being hysterical and crying, he’s crying too. it gets more intense when the guards are trying to contain Erik as he’s bending the gate which is a strong point in this scene.

  2. I also find this scene very interesting being that it shows a very tense event of a mother and son being ripped apart in a German concentration camp. Primarily, we see a young boy struggling to get back to his mother but is being withheld by guards. In this brief, yet powerful moment, it is brought to light who this young boy will turn out to be. As he struggles, the metal gate, that is very large and heavy, begins to bend as if it is being attracted by a very strong magnetic force. The gate continues to bend until the child, who is knocked unconscious. In these brief moments, we see the roots of a major villain in the movie, Magneto.

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