Homework #2 Lord of The Rings – Fellowship of The Ring

The opening scene for The Lord of The Rings is so compelling because it introduces the 3 races that are in power of land which are humans(those who wanted more power), elves(those who were immortal, wisest and fairest), and dwarfs(those who were master craftsmen and miners of the mountain). While, introducing the 3 races, it also tells the importance of the rings that were made for each race. The talk starts slow and then slowly gets more intense when they talk about the one ring that was made secretly and how much power that one ring has. The ending of the scene just shows the importance of the ring and why it must be destroyed. The war where humans and elves formed an alliance to destroy the ring was almost lost because of the power of the ring that was made secretly. This scene is just so good that it shows why the ring must be destroyed while trying to get the audience excited slowly.

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  1. The movie itself was a fantastic work of fiction. It introduced various mythological races and left many openings for sequels to follow. I agree with the highlighting of the rings importance in the film.

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