Hello my name is Brianca right now I tend CityTech were i study communication design with focus in Web design.  Thought these last semester at CityTech I have  discover that I really like Illustration particularly creating my own character and bringing them into photoshop as well as Illustrator.An illustrator that i really like is Alexis Eke she usually does digital print work her styles is mostly contemporary and modern. I like my illustration to have a modern feel and most a feminist appeal to them. I also like to illustrate work that are female base giving the female a heroin feel to them. Taking my class like advance image editing as well as vector graphics has developed my skills so much that i can include works that i really like into my focal point which is web design.

Going to This college I have meet Interesting people specifically a friend named jasmine  who taught me as well as  helped my discover my passion for sewing and  creating different pieces. Since that day studying and watch her I learned to make my own pieces of fashion.  I like small fashion brands such as Matte Brand and Valfre. Its gave my the courage to present my designs at events like curl fest and many more. I also seek inspiration from photographers like Kenro Izu for visuals which I discover at field assignment for my photography class at the Howard Greenberg Gallery.  Going to a high school were I had limited opportunity to really indulge in more of the creative talents i have the opportunity to do now has been such a change for me

As I continue my second year at CityTech I am more hopeful for the future in web design and taking more of my web course.  My goal for the future is to be in a space were I able to create things that make a difference of have large impact on any individual that comes across my work. I want to start a brand for myself through my work of web design or sewing. Goals for next year is to keep developing my skills and work on projects that I’m truly passion about.