Log# 06 webinar

Since covid, I like the increase in more zoom lead webinars. The webinar that I attended had to do with digital marketing. I found it on a website called meet up and the tickets were posted on event Brite. The webinar was free and during the signup process, they asked what you did for work. I noticed that Ann the host went over everyone who was attended background of work because every time they would ask a question she referred to how it would be used in what their goal was. The webinar was very informative and also touched on things I’ve been teaching myself as I what to take my studies and use it to go into digital marketing. The webinar touched on a lot of what’s happening with social media and the push for video content. The app we spoke about most was Instagram and implementing their reels feature to promote your content. My internship boss’s goal with her social media is to have more reels and figuring out a way to story tell her brand.

The guest in the webinar were asking interesting questions that I didn’t even think to ask or ever thought about. One of the guests in the webinar was a woman who owned a wedding planning business and asked where was the best place to advertise her service. The speaker suggested Facebook and LinkedIn for her audience Because those are places where people share big news and changes in their life. That made sense to me because that’s one of the reason why I no longer use my Facebook because it place for big announcements now.We also touched on Using a trending hashtag on TikTok out of your niche will bite you in the end and will not help to reach the audience you’re looking for. Compelling stories are what’s going to gain you a more following. the speaker also gave posting suggestions like not putting words across the bottom in the post and Don’t put backdrops on words.

Log #01 discovering Internship

When I registered for COMD4900 I was on edge about whether not I had made the right decision. It felt like you had to have everything figured out before the class started. During the pandemic, it felt like time waited for no one so I knew that pushing it back another semester was not in the plans for me so I went forward with my decision. Over winter break I was working on my linkedin profile to make myself more eligible for employers. On the first day of class professor Goetz reassured the class that we had time to find an internship we didn’t need one as soon as the class started. The first class was very much information overload it was just so much I haven’t thought about it. I had found an interest during the high of the pandemic digital marketing because I loved content creating on social media and seeing just how powerful social media can be. During the summer I originally wanted to enroll in this program called COOP which taught recent graduate digital marketing. The program’s mission is to help recently graduate to Overcoming underemployment through digital skills and peer connections. I was bummed to find out that I need to have my bachelor’s to participate in the program which I thought you only needed your associates. With that disappointment came the motivation to go back this semester spring 2022 to finish my degree. Lucky for me I was only one class away from graduation so it was the extra push I needed.
After our first class meeting, I continued my search on LinkedIn trying to find an internship that began in the next week or so put the pressure on. My goal for the upcoming weeks was to put myself out there on LinkedIn and apply to as many internships that we’re looking for people as possible. The process of looking for an internship was very much like looking for a job sometimes you have someone to speak to about your application and other times you don’t. Seeing the number of applicants from some of the internships posted was very discouraging for the simple fact that it felt like the competition was heavy.


Hello my name is Brianca right now I tend CityTech were i study communication design with focus in Web design.  Thought these last semester at CityTech I have  discover that I really like Illustration particularly creating my own character and bringing them into photoshop as well as Illustrator.An illustrator that i really like is Alexis Eke she usually does digital print work her styles is mostly contemporary and modern. I like my illustration to have a modern feel and most a feminist appeal to them. I also like to illustrate work that are female base giving the female a heroin feel to them. Taking my class like advance image editing as well as vector graphics has developed my skills so much that i can include works that i really like into my focal point which is web design.

Going to This college I have meet Interesting people specifically a friend named jasmine  who taught me as well as  helped my discover my passion for sewing and  creating different pieces. Since that day studying and watch her I learned to make my own pieces of fashion.  I like small fashion brands such as Matte Brand and Valfre. Its gave my the courage to present my designs at events like curl fest and many more. I also seek inspiration from photographers like Kenro Izu for visuals which I discover at field assignment for my photography class at the Howard Greenberg Gallery.  Going to a high school were I had limited opportunity to really indulge in more of the creative talents i have the opportunity to do now has been such a change for me

As I continue my second year at CityTech I am more hopeful for the future in web design and taking more of my web course.  My goal for the future is to be in a space were I able to create things that make a difference of have large impact on any individual that comes across my work. I want to start a brand for myself through my work of web design or sewing. Goals for next year is to keep developing my skills and work on projects that I’m truly passion about.