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When I think of a place that matter to me I think of Santo Domingo, and that is because this is a place I wanted visit for a long time and last summer I went there with my family on a min vacation to explore a new place an see what they had out there. because he had so much fun and loved Santo Domingo we might go again.

Yandri Macias

After reading the essay Napping While Black ( and other transgression) I do remember when I first came to New York there was a time in school where I was being called names because I look different from everyone else and I didn’t know how to speak English. I felt lonely and thought that I was never going to make friends, also I’ve had friends that have looked at differently in the past and that’s something I personally didn’t like because they’ve never met him and they should never talk bad about a person.

Ever since i started high school and started getting huge assignments i would procrastinate and not do it till the day before it was due. this has always been a problem that would always happens with any homework or assignment that was giving to me and by me not doing it it resulted in me getting a bad grade and it affect my average for that class. so I’ve learned that it’s never good to leave assignment till the last minute for it to be done.

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I chose this picture because from a young age I’ve always loved playing soccer and this reminds me of when me and my uncle would play together.